What is a private tour ( Tours )?

What is a private tour (tours)? In this article, we will share with you what private tours are and how they are organized.
What is a private tour ( Tours )?

What is a private tour ( Tours )?
Private tours are usually activities where people spend time alone with their Families, Friends, or loved ones.

The features that stand out in these Activities are as follows;

There is no one on these tours except you and your loved ones.
You will be picked up from your hotel by special VIP transfer vehicles and left back at the end of the tour.
Special Tour programming is made according to your request.
Special Meals and Drinks are served to you
A special Animation, Music and Dance environment is created for you.
An organization is made for your special Birthday,Wedding anniversary,Marriage proposal.
We have listed above, it is possible to find and request our friends on Group tours.

In other Private Tours, everything you need to feel special about yourself is again shaped according to your desire.

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Date: 17 / 01 / 2022