Car Rental platform in Turkey

You are at the right place to rent the best vehicles at the most affordable prices!

Important tips you should know about our car rental services!

Our customers who rent a car should know that toursintr does not have their own car. As, it transfers its customers to the car rental companies we work with, therefore is not responsible for any disputes with the lessor or the lessor.
Before taking delivery of your vehicle, please check the general condition of the vehicle (such as bodywork, upholstery, tires). Ask for oil and water control from the authorized person.

Vehicles cannot be rented with a full tank, but there is enough fuel (gasoline-gas-Diesel) to the nearest Gas station.

In the event of an accident, please do not move the vehicle from where you are and immediately request a traffic police team to the accident site, then call the lessor authority and report the accident situation.

The numbers of the traffic police or gendarmerie teams are in the lease contract, if not, ask the lessor to write it on the lease contract.

The vehicles are fully insured, but the lessor contributes € 1000 if the lessor is guilty, the lessor does not pay in accidents where the lessor is not guilty.

Please take into account the tips above and obey the traffic rules.