Cancellation and refund conditions

Cancellation and refund conditions
Terms of use - cancellation and refund

1. By using this Web page, you agree that these terms, which will take effect immediately, will become legally binding.

2. If you do not agree that the following Terms and Conditions are legally binding on you, please do not access and/or use this Web page.

3. you can change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the changes online. Please please review these Terms and Conditions regularly to be aware of any changes made by. Your continued use of the Web page after the changes have been published means that you agree to be legally bound by the updated and/or amended version of these terms.

4. The contents of this web page, in any way own personal, non-commercial use, except for Strictly copy, reproduce, re-publish, upload, and share visually publish, transfer, not in public, or in any other way use it (texts, images, URLs, pricing information, etc. included). any other use of its content requires prior written permission of the.

5. and we use affiliated websites for legal purposes only and for the you agree to use it in such a way as not to violate, restrict or block its rights to use and use the site.

6. or it is recommended that you use any site for personal and/or non-commercial purposes and to submit your legal requests for booking products and services. You agree not to use the Site to make suspicious, false or fraudulent claims. To log in to the site you agree not to resort to robotic or automated ways unless specifically authorized by you.

Product Validity, Changes and Modifications

7. all products, Tours, Excursions and Activities and services offered by or valid as of the dates shown on any site. it is not responsible or liable for any information that is not directly presented.

8. All requests for changes/amendments must be submitted directly to the It should be directed to the Customer/Consumer Support Team.

8.1 it does not charge any fees to change or rearrange existing booking dates, provided that the relevant request was received no later than two (2) days before the date of arrival of the Tour, Trip and Activity approved by the Customer/Consumer Support team.

8.2 It may not be possible to change or rearrange tickets for a special event, theater or show. The sale of these tickets is sometimes made in the final form and cannot be changed after your initial purchase has been confirmed. You can contact our Customer/Consumer Support team to confirm whether a reservation is final or not.

8.3 All other date-change requests and arrangements are subject to the compliance of our suppliers and/or service providers; it cannot guarantee that any date-change request will be fulfilled.

8.4 Approved Tour, sightseeing and Activity of any date of your arrival date 2 days ago or more recently a change request will work to agree to your request; however, the first tour, sightseeing and more recently Activity 2 days before date of Arrival or changes may incur additional fees.

8.5 if you make a purchase using discounts or a special offer price, in the event that you make a change or arrangement after the purchase on your trip, it may decide to accept discount or special offer pricing at its sole discretion. However, if you make changes to your approved trip, we reserve the right to override the discount or special offer price.

9., or any service that you have booked through any of the Linked Sites, tour, sightseeing, and activities, tickets or the product at any time for any reason, cancel, change, or reserves the right to offer an alternative.

9.1 In such cases, you have the right to completely refund the payment of the initial purchase price if the proposed alternatives are unsatisfactory for you.

9.2 irrespective of the substance of the above, our agents, our service providers and/or booking us, our suppliers and/or tour, sightseeing and Activity, if you are familiar with an activity or a significant product changes, if appropriate, or change the reservation in order to rearrange the Customer/Consumer, travel agents, and/or we will make every reasonable effort to notify distributors.

Pricing and Services Included and Not Included in the Fee

10. and prices listed on any of the affiliated websites are the price per person, unless otherwise indicated.

11. Prices are determined based on the current local tariffs at the time of the quotation, it has been translated into the valid foreign currency determined by.

12. Price offers are subject to changes that can be made without notice until the reservation is confirmed.

13. Entrance fees are not included in the prices, unless otherwise provided.

14. Tour prices, excursions and activity managers, drivers or local guides, tips/gifts; baggage and personal insurance, any element of a personal nature not specifically mentioned in the list, and the food and drinks are not included.

Payments and Cancellations

15. accepts the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa or PayPal a online credit card payment.

15.1 An additional fee or service fee of up to 3.5% may be charged for credit card payments and PayPal transactions.

15.2 For booking, the entire fee must be paid via PayPal online or some prepayment must be made. Payment is on the credit card statement or it will be credited as Paypal.

16. No refunds will be made after the start of a Tour, Excursion and Activity or service, or in connection with any packages, accommodation, meals or other services provided that have been used.

17. cancellation of a reservation made with it may lead to cancellation fees applied by and detailed below. Additional fees may also be october by other suppliers, if any. When canceling any reservation, you will be notified of the total cancellation fees by e-mail, SMS message or phone.

17.1 Event, Theater, Show or Coupon Tickets may not be refundable, please inform the Customer/Consumer support team in advance.

17.2 Tours, Excursions and Activities or Packages that start during a Special Event Period may not be refundable, please get prior information from the Customer/Consumer support team.

If a Customer/Consumer decides to cancel, the following policy will apply;

In case of notification at least 5 days before the date of the Tour, Trip and Activity: provided that the total administration fee of € 5 per person and not per person is deducted, all the money paid will be refunded. In case of non-notification at least 3 days ago: no refund

Passport, Visa and Insurance

18. It is the responsibility of all passengers to check the current conditions of entry into the country they are going to visit from the country's consulate, regardless of their nationality and destination.

19. Since the visa and health conditions can be changed without notice, we recommend that you confirm the health and visa conditions at the relevant consulate before traveling.

20. We strongly recommend that you purchase a comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy before traveling. Most policies cover cancellation fees and related costs if you cancel your trip or make significant changes to travel dates.

Waiver and Limitation of Liability

21. or representatives, affiliates, service providers, suppliers and/or distributors in any case, the below mentioned loss, harm or damage will not be liable for such loss or damage were foreseen, foreseeable, known or otherwise for loss or damage of nature or no): (a) loss of data; (B) loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (C) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunity; (E) loss of goodwill or damage to reputation; and (F) for damages suffered by third parties; or (g) whatever the course of action any indirect, consequential, natural and compulsory or punitive damages arising out of the use of the page.

22. representatives and independent suppliers to the customer/Consumers in connection with programs, travel, hotel, tour, excursion or activity, trip or when making arrangements for any service, from any hotel, carrier or Tour, sightseeing activities and who are involved in providing services to another company or person as a result of the loss of life and property to any default, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, liability or expense shall not be liable.

23. Also, representatives, and suppliers that occurs outside the control of any illness, theft, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, government interference, war and/or terrorism, weather conditions, or any other malfunction in any means of transportation or for other reasons does not accept responsibility or liability for any misfortune or disaster.